360 assistance

Property Listing/Property Registration:

First step is to know the property you want to buy/sell/rent. Requirement Analysis ( if you are a buyer) and Property Analysis ( if you are a seller) is the most essential part of buying and selling property because its very crucial while matching Property Matching. We want you to get the best value. We map the property based on location, budget range, type and nearby places ( like shopping mart, hospital, chowk, etc. ). For this reason, we have to make a proper documentation of your property or your property choice. Hence you have to fill a form.


Property Counselling:

Based on your property listing or property registration, Property 360 Nepal gives you proper counselling so that you make a right decision at the right time. Our counselors come from a wide array of professional backgrounds - from valuation, law, brokerage and asset management to development, investment, lending, and corporate real-estate. We help you make the best decision based on your location and budget. We also help you to choose the right location, the right time to buy or sell the property and many more. We assure you that you will get the proper and realistic counselling with Property 360 Nepal.

Property Matching:

In this stage of our property dealing, we match you with the best possible property or deal. Property 360 Nepal is very careful at matching property because you value your requirement more than anything. So, we have two methods for property matching: 

a) Power Matching: Based on your requirements/listing, our digital system automatically matches buyers and sellers from our own database with a single click. Among the matched properties, Property 360 Nepal will find you the best option. 

b) Community Matching: Property 360 Nepal have a large community of buyers and sellers. And we go through a number of property related queries everyday which helps us to connect you to the best possible match. We also use internal messaging to easily communicate with other property buyer or property seller and negotiate a deal.


Home Loan Assistance & Legal Advice:

Property 360 has a sound relationship with banks and other financial institutions as we work hand in hand with these financial institutions. So, Property 360 Nepal helps you take home loan and facilitates you with all the necessary information, counselling and guide you along the process. 

Property 360 Nepal also provides you all the legal advice needed while buying, selling and renting your property. We assist you in all your legal part and work by following all the legal norms. And this might be the reason why our clients trust us the most.

Deal Finalization:

This is a very crucial part of property dealing where risk and return both are very high. We are by your side working hand in hand through all the five stages of 360 Assistance. And this is where our effort multiplies. We put our best to make a deal at the best value you could possibly get. Property 360 Nepal works with all the hardship to make you a happy customer.