first time buyers

Getting a step closer to your dream

Let's walk the mile

Getting into the housing market for first time buyers can be tricky. See how our network agents can minimize the unknown. 
From finding the one to closing the deal, you’ll need an agent prepared to build a relationship based on your long-term goals. Our specialized agents will walk you swiftly through this hectic journey. 

Our specialized agents have the wisdom and dedication to ensure you get the home you desire and need. 




More Knowledge: 
We provide in-depth information of the community and property. 

Local and National Expertise: 
Stay updated to the local and national housing trends and prices in the real-time

Preferred Property:
We provide you options personalized to your needs.

Optimized Service:
We optimize our work around your preferred schedule.

Complete Loan Assistance:
We are together in your complete home-buying process. 

keep these tips in mind


down payment isn't everything

Budget Planning should be your first priority. Set aside 3-5% of your purchase price to cover unexpected fees and expenses.


let us help you plan ahead to 

  • Determine your preferred location 
  • Your preferred housing and architectural requirement 
  • Know the legalities 
  • How is the neighborhood 
  • Consult an engineer 
  • Know the booking procedure [Baina]
  • Know the procedure to gain the ownership [Namsari]


pay it smart

We recommend holding at least six mortgage payments in the bank in case of emergency.