Preparing your home

One step closer to your Buyer


We understand that your house is invaluable to you. But the potential buyers may not be able to see the same value you see on their first glance. There are several factors that can devalue your house. 

We recommend that your house is optimized before it goes for sale. We provide all around service to add value to your home that can scale the sale up to 40% higher than usual value.


adding value to your home

Our specialized agents can help prioritize each aspect by determining which projects will add the most value based on your specific home, neighborhood and market. 

Tips to get you started



We suggest you declutter your house. For example a cupboard looks twice as big by removing half the clutter.


Will a bucket of paint amount to tens of lakhs added to your sales price? It could. while you know your home is valuable, sometimes all it takes is a few little improvements to help potential buyers see it too.


A well designed decoration works like magic. Prove that each room has purpose, but don't overdo it.


The light/brightness plays one of the key roles in a buyer’s decision. Let us help optimize the natural lights flow and upgrade the artificial sources of light. Lighting really does help lift the mood and make a room look larger.



A fresh coat of paint really can make any exterior look new again.


If the landscaping is bad, potential buyers likely won't step inside.


Outdoors are as essential living space as indoors are. Decorate your verandah with minimalist furnishing and flowers so that buyers feel home the moment they set their eyes upon the house.


A lively garden space can feel like a secluded space for the buyer's family. Rejuvenating your garden space with a little touch-up can set the mood. Fill the garden space with new plants, playable and party space. It’ll make the potential buyers want to live in the house.

Take next steps


Pricing your Property

Set a fair price based on comparable homes, the local market and more.



You’d be surprised. Even the smallest things can seal the deal.