The Real Estate Mastermind with Santosh Pardhan Chaudhary

The Most Powerful Real Estate Workshop

For Anyone Who Wants To Learn More About

The seminar workshop will put a strong theoretical and practical foundation for participants as a 360 independent real estate agent, a complete realtor.

Breaking Out of Agent Mindset

Building Scalable Real Estate Business

Systems for Success

Self Development

Time Management

Financial Literacy

The greatest source of income & the foundation of most enterprises and the entire financial system in Nepal has been the real estate industry. It is believed that Nepal might heighten the probability to become the next major source of growth over the course of the coming decade, solidifying its position as Asia’s geographic center. Whereas to make this belief come true in reality, Nepal needs champion corporate executives,  political, economic & spiritual leaders in order to be a part of that tale. Despite having one of the greatest influences on the economy, there has been a significant lack of reliable, skilled and professional brokerage & consulting services in the sector.

Hence, we are introducing The Real Estate Mastermind seminar/workshop. Come, Join us, transform your personal life and real estate industry simultaneously. Together, we can and we will.

About Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary

Mr. Pradhan Chaudhary is a seasoned businessman with extensive experience in financial, technology & real estate  markets. He started his first initiation when he was 16 years old. Since then, he has been able to establish several renowned businesses, including Nepal Derivative Exchange Limited & InterContinental Systems. In 2017, he founded Property Three Sixty Nepal Private Limited, a real estate company that was instrumental in changing how the market views & perceives real estate in general.

In addition to having more than 5 years of real estate brokerage/agency experience in the Kathmandu markets, he also holds certifications for “Leading Your Small Business Through Its Lifecycle”, an executive education course from Harvard Business School (2013), and “Real Estate Economics and Finance” from the London School of Economics and Political Science(2022-2023). He achieved his diploma in computer engineering from the Institute of Engineering (TU), Dharan, in 2007.

Mr. Pradhan Chaudhary is upbeat and inspirational in every way. He thinks that because of all of our combined thoughts, intentions & deeds, the world gets better every day. Additionally, new business owners are driving them forward with new innovations & work cultures.The market and industry are being propelled to greater heights by new entrepreneurs, who are bringing new innovations and work cultures to the table.

Learnings From The Workshop

Learn to Review & Structure deals​

Finding Deals & Debt​

Raise Money From Investors​

Gain Market Insight​

Networking Opportunities​

Bonus: Two Deals Underwritten with Feedback​

Super Bonus: Partnership Opportunity​

The Benefits of Participating

360 IRA (Independent Real Estate Associate) Program Admission

Real Estate Mastermind Seat (Only 50 Available!)​

Live In-Person Q&A With Santosh Pradhan Chaudhary​

Network With Other Real Estate Investors and Consultants​

Exclusive Techniques & Strategies In Real Estate​

Opportunity To Invest In Capital360​

Who Would Benefit Most From the workshop

Workshop Partners

Fees Details

One Time Investment @Rs. 24,999/- Only

Payment Method

Payment Details : 9802600333

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